Friday, February 21, 2014

Clomid 200mg / Cycle Update

Hello Ladies Happy Friday!

Sorry i haven't been updating you ladies like i said i would, i have been really busy this month but ill try & catch you guys up!

I am on cycle day 9 today. i took Provera 10mg for 10 days & 3 days after the last pill i got my period. This cycle i didn't notice too many side affects from the Provera besides Heavy flow but thats all. 
i did start Clomid 200mg Days 5-9! No side affects from Clomid, those of you who have followed my story know I've never had ANY side affects from Clomid, from 50mg - 200mg! 
& I am still taking Metformin 1500mg a day / 3 pills a day. i am scheduled for a follicle scan next friday 02/28/14 cycle day 16. Lets HOPE i get follicles big enough for a trigger shot!
Today i have been having some pain on my left ovary not super painful but a 4 out of 10 i would say. same thing happened last month, could be the clomid i don't know though because last month same pain, same side & NO follicles big enough so… i don't know whats causing the pain. On my next ultra-sound ill make sure to ask my doctor about it. 
Talking about my doctor, Me & my Husband have decided that if 200mg of Clomid doesn't work meaning doesn't make me ovulate, Where going to ask our doctor if we can move on to injections. Last appointment he said that if 200mg doesn't work we would go up to 250mg. if i don't ovulate this month thats 5 clomid cycles with no ovulation, so we think its best to move on to something more "AGGRESSIVE". So lets hope either Clomid works this cycle or My doctor says Yes to moving forward. Do any of you ladies have any thoughts about our plan? should we try 250mg?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Cycle! ( 5 Medicated Cycle)

Hello Ladies Happy Sunday!

Yeayyy finally February 1st came lol i felt like it was taking FOREVER! Today i start Provera to induce my period and hopefully in the next 10-13 days ill get my period =) i am very excited and looking forward to this cycle, i know i say that every cycle but hey we have to stay optimistic right! I'm also still taking my Metformin (Helps my insulin levels) 3 pills a day & on cycle day 5-9 ill be taking 200mg of Clomid. on another note I HATE PROVERA! i get the worst cramps ever, i bleed A LOT, & my period last longer then usual. i was hoping to get my period on my own but oh well. Any ways i hope all you ladies out there are doing fine & if any of you ladies have any BFP's to share please do so, my heart brightens up every time i see someone get a BFP! Ill keep posting though out the week, for any new symptoms. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cycle Update: No HCG Shot :(

Hello Ladies Happy Thursday

i went to see my doctor today & he did a trans vaginal ultra-sound, he said my uterus looked great, my lining was great as well but, i didn't have any follicles big enough for a HCG shot (Trigger shot). on each ovary i had about 15-18 small follicles. Once again 150mg of clomid didn't work. i don't know why but i had a very good feeling about this cycle i thought i was actually going to respond to the clomid. He also mentioned that its most likely i will develop diabetes during pregnancy due to my high insulin. he said to keep taking my Metformin & that should help level out my insulin level. i am about 5'2 and i weigh 175ish, my RE said i have to try to loose weight to help with my hormones. ughhh!  its ok though I've set my mind to telling myself ITS OK IT WILL HAPPEN, i just have to keep trying. & i will!!! Sorry if my post are all over the place lol I'm still getting use to this & ill try to better my post! 

4th Medicated cycle: BFN

Heres a lil run down for next cycle! 
5th Medicated Cycle / February 1st

-February 1st: Start Provera (To induce my period)

-Metformin 3x a Day

-Clomid 200mg Days 5-9

-Cycle Day 15 / Follicle Scan & HCG shot. (If then again i have follicle ready to go)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Quick Clomid Update #2

Hello Ladies Happy Tuesday!

today i am on cycle day 13 & 4 days since my last clomid pill. all day today i have been having pain on my left ovary, I'm hoping its because i have follicles that are growing! i thought i had my ultra sound today but i guess its not until the 23rd(Thursday cycle day 15) I've felt similar pains before and the only way i can describe it is "like my ovary is very full". i just want to have the ultra sound to see whats going on in there. 2 more days though! other than that I've felt great all the other days. yesterday i noticed a lot of egg white discharged but my opk was negative so I'm not sure whats going on. ahhhh I'm just all over the place. I've had the same symptoms in my past clomid cycles and i never ovulated so i don't know what to think about this cycle, hopefully i do have growing follicles and i can get my hcg shot! i hope you ladies are having a wonderful day & ill keep you guys posted!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Lets Stay Positive!

Hello Ladies Happy Monday!

Today i woke up & i was feeling very happy and motivated. why? because the thought of one day being called "MOMMY" makes me so happy and ready for whatever comes ahead of me. Sometimes us women that struggle with getting pregnant go into this depression that NOBODY understands unless they have been there themselves. & as much as people try to give us advise & say things to encourage us, it just doesn't work. at the end of the day we have to be our own strength and motivation to not let INFERTILITY  take us down. We where born to be mothers, so lets make it happen! i might make it sound like its so easy & i know it isn't but if we sit around thinking how hard it is or how long its taking, we will only keep going backwards instead of forward! Think of why your going through this, not why should you keep going though this! I am not any kind of physiologist or anything, but i am a women going through INFERTILITY & i know the struggle & probably tomorrow ill wake up and be negative about everything for the 1 million time, but hey where human & its ok to be sad. Like i said to someone earlier today "why stop now when your this far into the game?".

On another note i have my Follicle ultra-sound this week (Thursday) so i am very excited and looking forward to this week! ill keep you ladies updated. Baby Dust to all of us TTC'ers! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Last day of Clomid

Hello Ladies Happy Friday!

Nothing much has changed from yesterdays post besides the fact that today is cycle day 9 which means its my last day of clomid Yeayyyy! hopefully its my last cycle of clomid & i get my BFP. Like i said in yesterdays post, i have no side affects at all. i feel nothing. i really hope that it is doing something in there though :/ 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Clomid Update #1

Hello Ladies Happy Thursday!

i am on clomid 150mg days 5-9 & today is day 4. i haven't felt anything! no symptoms no nothing. I'm not surprised because in the past with all my clomid cycles I've never felt anything. its a good & bad thing, good thing because i have no side affects, bad thing because i feel like my body doesn't respond at all to the clomid specially since I've never ovulated on clomid. on a good note thou i have my ultra sound this tuesday coming up so ill know for sure what clomid does to my body. can't wait!!! i have faith that this cycle could be the one, but then again i always feel like every cycle is the one lol but idk something about this cycle that makes me feel like its it. so please pray for me and hopefully i get my BFP. i will update you ladies tomorrow to let you know if anythings new. Good night.