Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cycle Update: No HCG Shot :(

Hello Ladies Happy Thursday

i went to see my doctor today & he did a trans vaginal ultra-sound, he said my uterus looked great, my lining was great as well but, i didn't have any follicles big enough for a HCG shot (Trigger shot). on each ovary i had about 15-18 small follicles. Once again 150mg of clomid didn't work. i don't know why but i had a very good feeling about this cycle i thought i was actually going to respond to the clomid. He also mentioned that its most likely i will develop diabetes during pregnancy due to my high insulin. he said to keep taking my Metformin & that should help level out my insulin level. i am about 5'2 and i weigh 175ish, my RE said i have to try to loose weight to help with my hormones. ughhh!  its ok though I've set my mind to telling myself ITS OK IT WILL HAPPEN, i just have to keep trying. & i will!!! Sorry if my post are all over the place lol I'm still getting use to this & ill try to better my post! 

4th Medicated cycle: BFN

Heres a lil run down for next cycle! 
5th Medicated Cycle / February 1st

-February 1st: Start Provera (To induce my period)

-Metformin 3x a Day

-Clomid 200mg Days 5-9

-Cycle Day 15 / Follicle Scan & HCG shot. (If then again i have follicle ready to go)

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