Thursday, January 16, 2014

Clomid Update #1

Hello Ladies Happy Thursday!

i am on clomid 150mg days 5-9 & today is day 4. i haven't felt anything! no symptoms no nothing. I'm not surprised because in the past with all my clomid cycles I've never felt anything. its a good & bad thing, good thing because i have no side affects, bad thing because i feel like my body doesn't respond at all to the clomid specially since I've never ovulated on clomid. on a good note thou i have my ultra sound this tuesday coming up so ill know for sure what clomid does to my body. can't wait!!! i have faith that this cycle could be the one, but then again i always feel like every cycle is the one lol but idk something about this cycle that makes me feel like its it. so please pray for me and hopefully i get my BFP. i will update you ladies tomorrow to let you know if anythings new. Good night.

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