Friday, February 21, 2014

Clomid 200mg / Cycle Update

Hello Ladies Happy Friday!

Sorry i haven't been updating you ladies like i said i would, i have been really busy this month but ill try & catch you guys up!

I am on cycle day 9 today. i took Provera 10mg for 10 days & 3 days after the last pill i got my period. This cycle i didn't notice too many side affects from the Provera besides Heavy flow but thats all. 
i did start Clomid 200mg Days 5-9! No side affects from Clomid, those of you who have followed my story know I've never had ANY side affects from Clomid, from 50mg - 200mg! 
& I am still taking Metformin 1500mg a day / 3 pills a day. i am scheduled for a follicle scan next friday 02/28/14 cycle day 16. Lets HOPE i get follicles big enough for a trigger shot!
Today i have been having some pain on my left ovary not super painful but a 4 out of 10 i would say. same thing happened last month, could be the clomid i don't know though because last month same pain, same side & NO follicles big enough so… i don't know whats causing the pain. On my next ultra-sound ill make sure to ask my doctor about it. 
Talking about my doctor, Me & my Husband have decided that if 200mg of Clomid doesn't work meaning doesn't make me ovulate, Where going to ask our doctor if we can move on to injections. Last appointment he said that if 200mg doesn't work we would go up to 250mg. if i don't ovulate this month thats 5 clomid cycles with no ovulation, so we think its best to move on to something more "AGGRESSIVE". So lets hope either Clomid works this cycle or My doctor says Yes to moving forward. Do any of you ladies have any thoughts about our plan? should we try 250mg?


  1. I did 11 cycles of Clomid, but they were broken up. I did 6 cycles about 5 years ago and then 5 cycles about a year ago. 5 years ago I did 2 times with 50mg, 1 time with 100mg, 1 time with 150mg, 1 with 200mg and the last time was 250mg. I never responded to Clomid. My RE said that if I had not responded yet, that clomid was useless, and it can mess up the lining of your uterus and mess with your EWCM. Have you thought about Femara? I only say that because, again, my RE said that if someone doesn't respond to Clomid, its sometimes caused because you don't produce enough FSH, and Femara does that so your eggs are more mature by the time they drop. Which was my problem with Clomid. I'll have to read back on your blog to see what you've tried! :)
    I don't know why, but I feel so much more confident with the injections. Like I'm being more proactive! I don't think injections would be a bad idea - at the very least, if you have good follicles produced from Clomid, you can use hCG to trigger ovulation. It can't hurt! Good luck and keep us updated! I'm on CD7 so we're close in our waiting period!!