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My Fertility Story, Journey, Life...

Hello my name is celena & i am 20 something. i have been married to my lovely husband for 3 1/2 years & been ttc for 3 years. me and my husband have never used any type of contraception since we been married because me and him knew we wanted kids right away so we just wanted to let it happen. 6 moths went by and i wasn't pregnant at that point i was a bit worried but nothing big. i started to do A LOT of research online,  like "how to get pregnant" "how long does it take before seeking a doctor" "why can't i get pregnant" i asked my friends that are married how long it took them to conceive, i started to watch a lot of youtube, ugh so many things lol.

The first thing i did on my fertility journey was i started taking Ovulations Test. i have never had regular periods so i kinda knew i wasn't always ovulating so to make sure i started testing. i did that alone for about 4-5 months & not once did i get a positive opk & trust me i was testing morning, day, night you name it.

one day my mom called me and told me that she had been going to a Acupuncturist for her allergies and she had asked him about me, and he said infertility has/could be treated with acupuncture & highly recommend me to make an appointment. so sure enough i made an appointment & i started doing acupuncture combined with taking herbs. i did the acupuncture for 6-7 months it made me feel great, i started getting my period every month, i had better cervical mucus(T.M.I)  but… i still wasn't pregnant. acupuncture isn't as expensive as an obgyn or a fertility specialist but does start to add up. $70 a week + Herbs! so i stopped going and sure enough my irregular periods came back :( !!!

After i stopped going to acupuncture i knew i still wanted to keep trying the natural way. so i did some research and found Fertile Aid. i had heard & read very good things about it and not just for me but for men too! i ordered Fertile Aid for Women (Helps Fertility), OVAboost (Helps with ovulating), FertileCM (Helps cervical mucus) & Fertile Aid for Men ( for my husband). i was taking all 3 supplements + prenatal vitamins + OPKS. The FertileCM was working FOR SURE! but thats it. i didn't this for 3months, no ovulation no thing. so i stopped taking it & so did my husband.

At this point we decided to take a break. Best break in my life! in that break i had the chance to enjoy me and my husband, i had the chance to put my self back together & i had the chance to find all the strength i needed to go back at it!

This is when we decided to go to a obgyn & you can read about that HERE.

& now where still TTC but where working with a reproductive endocrinologist & you can ready about that HERE.

infertility is a very hard thing to go through & it can kick your butt if you let it. These past years I've learned a lot & one thing I've learned is to never loose HOPE. when i start to loose hope i start to tell myself "i was born to be a mom, i will be a mom"!!!

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