Monday, January 20, 2014

Lets Stay Positive!

Hello Ladies Happy Monday!

Today i woke up & i was feeling very happy and motivated. why? because the thought of one day being called "MOMMY" makes me so happy and ready for whatever comes ahead of me. Sometimes us women that struggle with getting pregnant go into this depression that NOBODY understands unless they have been there themselves. & as much as people try to give us advise & say things to encourage us, it just doesn't work. at the end of the day we have to be our own strength and motivation to not let INFERTILITY  take us down. We where born to be mothers, so lets make it happen! i might make it sound like its so easy & i know it isn't but if we sit around thinking how hard it is or how long its taking, we will only keep going backwards instead of forward! Think of why your going through this, not why should you keep going though this! I am not any kind of physiologist or anything, but i am a women going through INFERTILITY & i know the struggle & probably tomorrow ill wake up and be negative about everything for the 1 million time, but hey where human & its ok to be sad. Like i said to someone earlier today "why stop now when your this far into the game?".

On another note i have my Follicle ultra-sound this week (Thursday) so i am very excited and looking forward to this week! ill keep you ladies updated. Baby Dust to all of us TTC'ers! 

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